Global Game Jam 2018

2017 wasn’t a great year for Midnight Penguin. We kind of went underground, released nothing, didn’t make any noise. Oh, and I accidentally nuked the site, which is why it looks so brand spanking new. Marie and I have vowed to make 2018 OUR YEAR though, and to kickstart that we decided to take part in this year’s Global Game Jam!

This was only my second proper “48 hour” jam, and third overall. And it was Marie’s first jam at all. So of course we had hiccups. Took us probably too long trying to think of a “great” idea, instead of just running with a pretty good one. Marie spent too much of Saturday trying get something we ultimately ditched to work. And randomly my house lost power for two hours Sunday morning. But the deadline rolled around Sunday night, and low and behold, we had a game! An actually pretty functional, maybe even mildly entertaining, video game.

The experience was wonderful. It’s really rejuvenated our drive to make something of this year. Midnight Penguin’s back, and we’re starting out the year right! So without further ado, I present to you, Sy-Cats: Transmit the Virus, Rule the Alleys, our Global Game Jam 2018 entry:

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