We Love our Ludum Dare 41 Entry!

As you probably saw, this past weekend we participated in our SECOND game jam, Ludum Dare 41. Despite a few hiccups (there’s always hiccups), we really love the game concept we came up with to fit the LD theme of “Combining Two Incompatible Genres”. The World Deck, as we’re currently calling it, combines platforming and collectible card game mechanics to make what we think is a pretty fun experience. And for the hell of it we slapped a magical girl theme on it, because we just felt like it.

You can read more about it on the Ludum Dare site. You can also play the Ludum Dare prototype for free on itchi.io.

In fact, we like the concept so much, and we’ve gotten such lovely feedback from the Ludum Dare community, that we’re seriously considering continuing to work on the World Deck to hammer out a more polished, expanded, and finished product!

We’ll keep you posted on any future updates. For now, I hope everyone enjoys messing around with the free prototype!

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