Midnight Penguin is a creative studio comprised of S.K. Kramer and Marie Barnes. Our focus is primarily on creating comics and video games, although nothing is off the table. Our projects tend to have a good blend of serious and whimsy, and tend to have fun narrative hooks. Our games often focus more on puzzles and discovery than combat and feature a diverse array of characters, because those are frankly the kinds of stories we like to tell.

Two friends that met in a Facebook group, we have been making things together since 2010. Under the now-defunct Just Play a Game Studios banner, we released a barely functional Spy Babies: Episode 1 in October 2012, and the more functional, but less interesting, Neon Sphee in March 2013 before shutting down JPAGS for good in March 2013. We eventually regrouped and founded Midnight Penguin. Our first game was called Mini DM, a small practice game that came out in December 2015. Our next release was a small mini-comic called Hooks, which we released strip by strip over the course of May 2016. Our latest project was a game called RainBeat, for Android devices. It came out in December 2016.

Since then we’ve been working behind the scenes, setting up new projects and deciding where to direct our time and effort. If all goes well, 2018 should be an exciting time for us!